Foster Care Changes Due to Covid-19

During this unprecedented time of crisis we’re all being hit hard:

Apply From Home

With California under a lock-down order, we have implemented a ‘no contact approval process ‘, which means that you can complete the entire approval process from the comfort of your home and without coming in physical contact with other applicants or agency representatives.

Get Maximum Compensation

We know that being a foster parent is NOT about the money as a first priority.  But it does matter. So we’re implementing reimbursement checks (payments) of $1,050 to $3,000 per month, per child you foster – depending on the Level of Care (LOC) or foster program the child is in.


For anyone who had previously inquired about how to become a foster or resource, we are waiving the requirements to receive reimbursement of up to $450 in goods and products needed for approval. Start the process today and you are still eligible to receive this incentive.

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