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About Foster Care in San Bernardino County

At Knotts Family Agency, we understand the eminent value of parents in a child’s life. For this reason, we shape our policies and programs based on our Parent Delight philosophy. This principle sets us apart from the rest because we focus on molding resource parents through compassionate training, exclusive VIP programs, financial transparency and unfaltering support. 

Our parent-centric approach ultimately transforms into more definite results. Our personalized training and various types of support enable foster parents to nurture children’s multifaceted needs.

Cities Served

Knotts Family Agency is a proud to serve as a foster care and adoption agency in San Bernardino County. We support individuals and families with our Regional Support Units. If your city is not mentioned, this does not imply that our services are unavailable in your area. We encourage potential foster or adoptive parents and interested parties to contact us online or call our team at 909-301-0504 so we can discuss your specific needs, plans, and how our services can be extended to you.

Find the Service That Fits You

As one of the most credible foster care agencies in the region, we are committed to helping parents reach their fullest potential — to become adept at shaping a child’s future. The unwavering commitment to our main philosophy steers us toward creating different services that cater to specific needs. Whether you’re interested in learning how to become a foster parent in San Bernardino county or you’re already approved, Knotts Family Agency is here to support you.

Establish a loving relationship with a child through fostering. With Knotts Family Agency, the rewards of being a foster parent extend beyond nurturing a child’s future. We offer various support programs, from family counseling to financial management to continuing education. 

Adoption is an incredible journey that changes people forever. If you’re ready to give a child a forever home, we set the path for you. As a respected adoption agency in San Bernardino County, we will make the “road less traveled” worthy and memorable. From helping you work on the papers to advocating for your growth, we commit to the highest-quality service and constant support to give you the ultimate sense of joy and fulfillment. 

Our family and community resource center creates a haven for both resource parents and children. We provide a series of community-based programs that cover various areas of support and growth. Explore our training sessions for mentoring, tutoring and family strengthening. We also deliver programs related to youth leadership development, financial literacy and mental health issues.

We aim to continue our mission of providing an unparalleled fostering path to parents. Our foster family agency in San Bernardino County ensures an experience like no other through a personalized approach and a long list of benefits. Foster parents who are committed to our mission get more than just basic support and monthly reimbursement. 

You are granted an occupational therapist, a personal nutritionist and bilingual staff, along with transportation support, CPR training and additional stipends to help nurture your skills further. With us, your dedication is always recognized.

San Bernardino County Foster Care FAQs

Q: How is foster care placement in San Bernardino County, CA decided? 

A: When it comes to placing children in foster care, the decision-making process is influenced by several critical factors. These include the convenience for the biological parents of the child in foster care, maintaining the child’s school of origin, and ensuring a sense of normalcy for the child during their foster care experience. As a result, the county may often prioritize keeping children within their city of origin or a nearby location. While Knotts Family Agency serves families across the Inland Empire region and San Bernardino County, including more remote areas, prospective foster and adoptive families must understand that the county’s priority may be placing children in locations that align with these considerations. This approach ensures the best interests and continuity in the child’s life are maintained to the greatest extent possible.

build your family with us

If you want to know more about our foster agency in San Bernardino county, explore our services online and find the best program for your needs. You can also fill out our contact form, and our trained staff will get back to you soon.