Knotts Family Agency's Response to COVID-19


Updated March 23, 2020

Taking care of our Foster Parents and children is at the center of everything we do. Even as we navigate these times of uncertainty as a result of COVID-19, our priority – you – remains the same. Here are some key questions that we have received:

Consistent with our emphasis on Parent Delight™, Knotts Family Agency has always prided itself in being responsive and available for foster parents and applicants. Although our central offices will be closed as of March 18 through April, 20, 2020, our personnel will continue to be available during this time. You may call the office (909-880-0600) or send an email (

If you are interested in becoming a Foster or Adoptive Parent, please do not put it off for another day. Please note that during this time of the COVID-19 health emergency, children of all ages, continue to be rescued every day and will need a safe and nurturing home. Vulnerable children should not remain in an environment of abuse of neglect, so, we encourage you to become a Foster or Adoptive Parent. The need is great. Start the process by completing the interest or contact forms available throughout our website today.

Knotts Family Agency has always been a pioneer in the effective use of technology to make it much easier and convenient for applicants to complete their approval process.

You are still able to complete all the necessary steps for approval from the comfort of your home, without going to an office. Even if you feel that you are not an expert with computers, the process is simple. 

Also, consistent with the call by public health officials to practice “social distancing”, we have implemented a “no-contact approval process”, which allows you to complete the approval process, including submitting all the necessary documentation, without coming in contact with other applicants or with agency workers.

Just let your Parent Support Specialist know of your preferences.

Yes, the incentive is still in effect. In fact, we are extending the time frame to 30 days.  We are aware that many of the LiveScan locations (for fingerprinting) are now closed temporarily, so we are waiving the requirement to submit all necessary documents within two (2) weeks to be eligible to receive up to $450 in reimbursements for expenses incurred during the approval process (e.g. LiveScan costs for applicants and other adults, fire extinguisher, portable ladders, carbon-monoxide detectors, etc.). 

Therefore, any new applicant who initiates the process between March 15 through April 15, will be eligible to receive the reimbursement of up to $450 if they submit the necessary documents (except for LiveScan results), within 30 days (up from 15 days).

Knotts Family Agency will continue to implement measures to ensure Parent Delight ™ and to contribute to everyone’s safety. Our dedicated staff are still responding to questions about application process and also ensuring that our current Foster Parents and children are doing well.

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