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Knotts Family Agency: Transforming Foster Care with a Focus on Parent Delight


In foster care, the focus has traditionally been primarily on the children, and rightly so. However, Knotts Family Agency (KFA) is changing this narrative by placing equal importance on the well-being and support of foster parents. This article explores how KFA’s innovative approach revolutionizes foster care, ensuring Parent Delight while simultaneously providing a safe and nurturing environment for children and youth.

The Philosophy of Parent Delight

At KFA, the cornerstone of their services is a philosophy deeply rooted in Parent Delight. This philosophy shapes every policy and interaction, supporting and elevating resource parents as vital partners in foster care. Unlike traditional agencies that primarily focus on children as their primary clients, KFA considers resource parents as their primary customers. This unique approach has driven KFA’s rapid growth and reputation for exceeding the complex needs of children and resource parents, establishing them as leaders in the field.

Compassionate and Respectful Training

Understanding the intricacies of foster care, KFA offers compassionate and respectful training to resource parents. This training equips them to navigate the rewarding yet challenging journey of foster care. KFA ensures that resource parents are treated with respect and the necessary support to succeed even in situations requiring additional training or addressing complaints.

Financial Transparency and Generosity

Financial integrity is a key aspect of KFA’s approach. The agency practices transparent financial dealings, offering reimbursements that consider the unique needs of each child, often surpassing state minimums. For resource parents who go the extra mile in training, KFA offers additional stipends, emphasizing its investment in their continuous professional and personal growth.

Incentivized Training Programs

KFA rewards resource parents who commit to professional growth. By completing over 40 hours of annual training, resource parents qualify for additional stipends. This approach enhances their fostering skills and provides a financial incentive for their dedication and hard work.

Specialized Psychological Support

Recognizing the emotional challenges of foster care, KFA provides resource parents with exclusive access to specialized psychological services. This unique offering ensures that resource parents receive personalized emotional and psychological support, assisting them in navigating their role’s unique challenges and rewards.

Advocacy and Partnership

KFA stands as a steadfast advocate for its resource parents, ensuring their voices are heard in the placement process and considering them for future placements. This advocacy reinforces the agency’s commitment to viewing resource parents as vital partners rather than mere participants in the foster care system.

Exclusive VIP Programs

KFA’s “Very Important Parent” program offers exclusive benefits such as spa treatments and massages. These perks are designed to support the well-being of resource parents, acknowledging the importance of their happiness and health in providing a nurturing environment for foster children.

Technological Innovation for Seamless Engagement

KFA employs state-of-the-art technology to enhance the fostering experience. This technological advancement ensures smooth communication and engagement, simplifying the journey for resource parents and making their interactions with the agency effortless.

Family Support and Emergency Response

Understanding the unpredictability of foster care, KFA has dedicated personnel available around the clock to respond to emergencies. This constant availability offers peace of mind and immediate support when needed, ensuring that resource parents are never alone in their journey.

Changing the Focus in Home Visits

Traditionally, social workers spend minimal time with resource parents during home visits, focusing mostly on the children. KFA changes this dynamic by ensuring that social workers spend adequate time with resource parents. This approach allows for a better understanding of the home environment and the needs of both the children and the parents.

Balancing Child Focus with Parent Support

While focusing on the children’s well-being remains paramount, KFA’s approach of working hand-in-hand with foster parents ensures a more holistic and effective foster care system. By equipping and supporting resource parents, KFA creates a nurturing and safe environment for foster children, demonstrating that it is possible to simultaneously deliver delight to parents and provide excellent care for children.


Knotts Family Agency redefines the foster care narrative by prioritizing Parent Delight and partnership. Their unique approach of supporting, training, and advocating for resource parents while ensuring the safety and well-being of foster children, sets a new standard in the foster care system. KFA’s innovative model shows that by empowering and valuing foster parents, the entire foster care experience can be transformed, benefiting both the children and the families that open their hearts and homes to them.

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