Intensive Services Foster Care in California

Support children in need and receive up to $6,000 a month

Knotts Family Agency is proud to offer the Intensive Services Foster Care (E-ISFC) program, an opportunity for California foster parents to make a difference in the lives of children facing unique challenges and circumstances. As a parent in the ISFC program, you can play a critical role in providing children with the care and support they need to thrive.

Learn how you can make an impact through our special needs foster care program in California.

What Is Intensive Services Foster Care (ISFC)?

Intensive Services Foster Care offers care for children who have a higher level of need. Children in this program are placed with foster parents trained to meet these needs. 

Examples of a higher level of need in a special needs adoption agency can include conditions like cancer or cerebral palsy. ISFC also provides care for children with severe emotional and behavioral needs (SEB), including those with severe mental health conditions and violent or self-harming behaviors.

As a foster parent in the Knotts Family Agency ISFC program, you will be part of a dedicated team that offers specialized care and services, from therapy sessions to educational development — all while creating a loving, nurturing environment.

Understanding Special Needs in Foster Care

When discussing ISFC, it is crucial to understand what “special needs” entails. While the term is defined broadly and may vary from state to state, special needs might mean that a child:

Getting Started With Intensive Services Foster Care in California

To be a foster parent, you must be passionate and genuinely interested in serving children with unique needs. To become a foster parent at Knotts Family Agency, applicants must: 

  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Have no criminal history that will prevent them from being a foster parent.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.
  • Be able to manage financial expenses on their own.
  • Have at least one extra bedroom in a rented or owned home.

Our approach is defined by compassionate and respectful training, helping you through the intricate yet rewarding foster care journey. Beyond training, foster care special needs include pay reimbursements to ensure the child can access critical services and resources and help you create a real and lasting difference in their life.

Become an Intensive services Foster Care Parent

Specialized foster care is a unique opportunity for parents to support children with special needs. If you are passionate about serving children who require enhanced services, we invite you to consider becoming an ISFC foster parent in California. At Knotts Family Agency, we provide ongoing guidance and training and generous financial assistance to help you thrive in this role.

To learn more about this rewarding opportunity and get involved, call us or contact us online today.