Emergency Placement Program

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We are proud that the County of Riverside has selected Knotts Family Agency out of numerous foster family agencies in the region, to be a provider for two (2) very special initiatives: 1) Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC), and 2) Temporary and Emergency Placement. We are very pleased to be selected as the sole provider for CSEC youth and one of two agencies selected for the Emergency program.

Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC)

Knotts Family Agency is seeking families who are willing to provide shelter services for one (1) single child who has been commercially sexually exploited. These children are needing a safe place and a new beginning. 

Resource Families caring for this group of children receive a much higher monthly payment than for “regular” foster care. The Resource Family receives a guaranteed rate per month for a bed even if it is not used. When a child is placed in your home, the Resource Parent received up to $2,400 per month.  

Resource parents receive special and additional support to ensure that they are successful in providing high quality care to children, and are automatically enrolled into our Very Important Parent (VIP) program.  If you feel have one bed available and feel you have a calling to guide children who have been exploited to be successful in school and beyond, this may be the program for you. Contact us for additional information on how to participate in caring for commercially sexually exploited children which offers a higher compensation.

Temporary Emergency Placement

Knotts Family Agency is identifying and training families who are willing to provide temporary emergency placement services for children and non-minor dependents (NMDs) while a suitable placement match is sought.  Upon initial removal it is often difficult to match them to an initial placement suitable to their needs within a reasonable time period. That is why homes are needed that are willing to provide temporary shelter. Placements will be for a minimum of one (1) day to a maximum of fifteen (15) days.    

Resource parents in this program receive special and additional support to ensure that they are successful in providing high quality care to children, and are automatically enrolled into our Very Important Parent (VIP) program.  The resource family would receive a guaranteed monthly payment (unoccupied rate) to reserve a bed in their home and be willing to take temporary placement of a child/NMD twenty-four (24) hours a day. The agency will still honor the resource parent’s age or gender preference when identifying suitable homes. When a child is placed, the resource family would receive the full Level of Care (LOC) payment for which the child qualifies for the duration of the stay, which could be up to $2,400 per month.  Once a more permanent placement is found, the resource family would revert to the unoccupied bed rate.  

This program is ideal for families who are interested in short term care but may not want to commit to full time foster parenting. As in the case of Host Guardians who provide short term respite care, families in this program only provide care for one (1) day or up to fifteen days. Knotts Family Agency provide robust assistance and support to resource families.


I opted to participate in the Emergency Placement program because I felt a calling to care for children who had experienced trauma, including those who had been sexually abused or exploited. The program is attractive because resource families not only receive additional support from a variety of experts, but the additional bonus is that we receive a guaranteed stipend or reimbursement even if a child was not in our home during the month.
Lu Ann Brown
In the Emergency Placement program, I can designate one (1) or up to six (6) beds for temporary placement. The agency then gives me a monthly stipend per month for each bed even if the bed is not used. I really invite others to join this program, because as a VIP parent, I get a Smart Home Hub like Amazon Alexa and plus I get one spa treatment per quarter.
Almira Truss
Children should be safe from abuse and exploitation. That’s why I asked to be a part of CSEC. The program is ideal because I only need to have one bed for one child. I take pride in caring and protecting a child who was previously exposed to trauma and because they tend to be school or high-school age children, I can have an impact in their lives during their formative years.
Jennifer Morgan
I am told there is a need for families who are willing to open their home to one child. While regular foster parents have up to six children, I’m able to provide quality care to one single child in the CSEC program. A very attractive feature is that resource parents are guaranteed payment even if there was no child placed in their home, as long as we are willing to take in one child when needed.Martha Villalobos
Martha Villalobos

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