A.I. Disclaimer

As part of our commitment to providing efficient and accessible support, we are excited to introduce Shellie, our Virtual Assistant. The Virtual Assistant is designed to enhance your experience on our website by offering immediate assistance. Please Note:
  • AI-Powered Interaction: You are interacting with an advanced AI chatbot, not a human representative. 
  • Available Services: You can ask questions about the Resource Family approval process, request an application form, or select an appointment date. For detailed inquiries or personal discussions, we recommend contacting our human staff.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality: While the virtual assistant is programmed to respect privacy and handle your requests with confidentiality, please avoid sharing sensitive personal information in this chat.
  • Limitations: Responses are based on programmed algorithms and may not fully grasp complex or nuanced situations. For such instances, our human team is always here to help.
We continuously strive to improve our digital assistant and appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we integrate this technology into our services.