Foster Family Support and Training

As a foster parent, you have the exciting opportunity to care for children and young people in need. While a rewarding journey, foster care also comes with its unique challenges. At Knotts Family Agency, we provide the resources and guidance needed to empower you in your caregiving role. From dietician and nutrition services to financial incentives for training, our services for foster parents go above and beyond.

Resources for Knotts Family Agency Resource Parents

At Knotts Family Agency, we have an unwavering commitment to making parents happy as they provide for a foster child. Our foster family strengthening services include:

Financial Support

Knotts Family Agency offers financial transparency and reimbursement rates higher than other agencies. We are proactive about monitoring our monthly stipends and reimbursement rates, offering an average of $50 higher than the state average.

Professional Training & Education

At Knotts Family Agency, we prioritize foster parent education. Our education and training opportunities encompass various topics, from advanced caregiving techniques to crisis management and educational support. You’ll find a plethora of in-person and online learning opportunities to build your parenting skills.

We understand the intricate journey of foster care, and that’s why we offer additional training as needed. Compassionate and respectful training services are at the core of Knotts Family Agency, and we aim to provide the tools you need for success. Our approach ensures you are well-prepared to navigate the complexities of being a foster parent.

The Nurturing Parenting Program

In 2011, we established the Family Nurturing Center of Southern California to train families, organizations and individuals on the trauma-informed initiative of fostering children. Our evidence-based Nurturing Parent program aims to help you build nurturing parenting skills in response to abusive and neglectful parenting and child-rearing practices.   

Special Support Services

In addition to financial support and compassionate training services, Knotts Family Agency offers exceptional services and benefits like:

  • Concierge services.
  • Dietician and personalized nutrition services.
  • Specialized psychological support.

We remain dedicated to Parent Delight — a philosophy that permeates every interaction, policy and program at Knotts Family Agency. We treat our resource parents as equal partners in the noble venture of providing homes for children. 

Receive Foster Family Support From Knotts Family Agency

When you become a foster parent with Knotts Family Agency, you’ll appreciate several benefits that set us apart from other agencies, including financial support, professional training and education to strengthen your family and help you build crucial parenting skills.

With compassionate training, higher reimbursement rates and a supportive community by your side, our foster family support services go above and beyond to ensure you have the guidance you need to thrive in your caregiving role.

We will guide you through your caregiving journey every step of the way. Reach out to us today to take the first step toward becoming a foster parent.

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