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Become a foster parent in Riverside County through Knotts Family Agency, and you’ll see the difference. We have been in the foster care and adoption sector since 1992. Our years of experience combined with a unique approach to foster parenting make us a credible leader in our field. We re-invented the traditional practices to shape more inclusive and personalized foster parenting.

Instead of group orientations, we focus on parent-centered support through one-on-one orientations in your own home or at the office. We provide specialized learning techniques that cater to different types of foster parents. We also follow a comprehensive assessment based on your preferences and proficiency instead of a paper-based system. For decades, we have molded parents to be successful in whatever path they choose — foster care, adoption or both.

Transform the life of a child one step at a time. At Knotts Family Agency, we shape strong families to provide the love and assistance needed by every child. Our mission revolves around Parent Delight, which aims to support you through a step-by-step journey toward resource parenting, foster care or adoption. We ensure resource parents in Riverside County get the appreciation and guidance they need to help nurture children.

Cities Served

Knotts Family Agency is proud to serve as an adoption and foster care agency in Riverside County and surrounding areas. We support individuals and families throughout the region with our Regional Support Units. If your city is not mentioned, this does not imply that our services are unavailable in your area. We encourage potential foster or adoptive parents and interested parties to contact us online or call us at 909-301-0504 so we can discuss your specific needs, plans, and how our services can be extended to you.

Choose the Right Path

We continue to be one of the most trusted foster care agencies in Riverside County. To uphold our mission of nurturing children and youth, we’ve created different services for parents to fit their needs. Resource parents are our main partners in shaping hearts and homes for every child.

Provide a safe, loving home to children by becoming foster parents. Our foster care in Riverside enables you to establish a relationship with children and youth who need your guidance. Becoming a foster parent via Knotts Family Agency gives you a sense of fulfillment while keeping you afloat with the challenges. We provide financial help, cultural well-being programs and compassionate training options.

From completing the legal requirements to finding the child you love, we aim for a seamless adoption journey. More than that, we deliver equal opportunities to everyone. Our personalized orientations and training sessions give you the guidance you need during your Riverside County adoption.

We are a leading foster care agency in Riverside County that focuses on two distinct pathways available to resource parents: Foster Parenting and Adoptions. One of the most remarkable features of resource parenting in California is the Resource Family Approval Program, which helps streamline the process from foster care to adoption.

Our tailored, parent-centered support allows you to request training and assistance at your convenience and according to your preferred learning style. These unique approaches enable you to nurture your children at your own pace.

Riverside County Foster Care FAQs

Q: How is foster care placement decided in Riverside County, CA?

A: When it comes to placing children in foster care, the decision-making process is influenced by several critical factors. These include the convenience for the biological parents of the child in foster care, maintaining the child’s school of origin, and ensuring a sense of normalcy for the child during their foster care experience. As a result, the county may often prioritize keeping children within their city of origin or a nearby location. While Knotts Family Agency serves families across the Inland Empire region and Riverside County, including more remote areas, prospective foster and adoptive families must understand that the county’s priority may be placing children in locations that align with these considerations. This approach ensures the best interests and continuity in the child’s life are maintained to the greatest extent possible.


Start your journey of becoming a foster parent with a trusted name in the sector. See our unique services and be part of the Knotts Family Agency community. Schedule an appointment today and build relationships with children who need your love and guidance.