Become a Resource Family in California

What Is a Resource Parent?

Resource parents combine the roles of foster parents and adoptive parents. As such, they are fundamentally prepared to carry both functions, depending on their choice. They are approved to both foster and adopt children and/or choose to foster-to-adopt in California. 

Resource parents vary accordingly. They can be individuals, couples or families who offer out-of-home foster care for children and youth. These people may or may not be related to the child, as long as they are ready to provide support to children who cannot live with their parents or those under the care of the court or state agencies. 

Resource Parent vs. Foster Parent

In simple terms, foster parents technically fit into California’s integrated system of resource parenting. In the state of California, Resource Parents are trained and approved under a single framework to both foster and adopt a child. Before Resource Family Approval, foster parents interested in fostering to adopt in California were required to undergo additional processes. 

With this new model, individuals and families in California can acquire the necessary qualifications to both foster and adopt from the beginning of their foster care journey. This ensures that children are given the chance to flourish in a supportive and lasting home environment, whether it’s through foster care or adoption.

Rewards of Becoming a Resource Parent

The main mission of a resource parent is to provide a relationship and a feeling of safety to children, and communities like Knotts Family Agency reward your dedication. We live by our Parent Delight philosophy to provide you with the following benefits: 

  • Financial support: We offer a generous monthly stipend, reimbursement for home expenses and transportation assistance so that you can nurture a child at your best capacity. 
  • Social guidance: From family counselors to personal nutritionists and occupational therapists, we make sure professionals are with you every step of the way. 
  • Personalized training: We understand each person and family is different. We steer clear of the one-size-fits-all norms to provide person-centered support like individualized orientations and private consultations. 
  • Other eligibility benefits: You can receive training services like CPR and first aid and get assistance for home items and educational enrichment. 

Prepare for the Process

Resource family approval in California can be an intricate process. As a leader in the resource family sector, we streamline the process to make it easier. By completing five main steps, you’ll be ready to help children in need. Start your journey as a resource parent in as little as two weeks through the steps below:

  1. Complete the orientation and application requirements. 
  2. Pass the background check.
  3. Finish the pre-approval training. 
  4. Clear the home inspection and interview. 
  5. Get agency approval and wait for county clearance.

Foster a Future With Knotts Family Agency

Begin your foster care journey with us and be part of our compassionate community. Knotts Family Agency simplifies the process of becoming a resource family. Schedule an appointment now, and let’s be partners in making a safe and loving space for children.