Specialized Foster Care Programs

Care for Children with Trafficking Trauma

Our “Care for Children with Trafficking Trauma” initiative offers specialized support for kids who’ve experienced the unthinkable – trafficking. With an exceptional monthly reimbursement, you can provide a safe haven for these children and aid in their healing journey.

Receive up to $6,000 per month

And make a profound difference in the lives of children in need!

Special Intensive Services Foster Care

Dive into our “Special Intensive Services Foster Care” program, aimed at providing a stable home environment for children with special needs. With a $4,500/month reimbursement and a fixed monthly family incentive of $1,500, that’s a total of up to $6,000/month!

At Knotts Family Agency, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality support for our foster parents, including professional training, resources, and a vibrant community network. We’re pioneering innovative programs to create nurturing environments for children in need.

It’s more than just financial support; it’s about being there for a child who needs you. Become a foster parent today and help us build brighter futures, one child at a time!

Contact our team at Knotts Family Agency to learn more about our specialized foster care programs and start your foster care journey. 

Basic Requirements To Become A Foster Parent

Must be at least 21 years of age

Driver’s license: Possess a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.

Bedroom: At least one extra bedroom in your home (which may be rented or owned).

Background: Must pass an employment and criminal background check. No minimum income requirements but parents must be able to financially manage their own expenses.

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What people say?

I contacted Knotts and they responded immediately. Their treatment was like VIP from day one. Everything was so smooth. I was done with Agency Approval exactly 15 days after I submitted my application.
Wendy T.
I have been with the agency for 5 years. The communication with social workers and office staff is excellent. Knotts is truly a “Parents-agency”, meaning that they go out of their way to support parents so that we can then care for children. The phrase “Parent Delight” really means something.
Adam Cheise

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