Happy Parents Nurturing Children

Knotts Family Agency was established in 1992 by Gwen and James Knotts as a safety net strategy for homeless teens and their babies. With a track record of more than 20 years, the organization evolved from an exclusive focus on foster care to now supporting safe, stable families and communities. Knotts Family Agency has emerged as a leader in providing evidence-based comprehensive support and services to promote the emotional, social, physical, intellectual, cultural well-being and development of children, youth, adults and, families.

We focus on preparing parents to be successful as Foster or Adoptive Parents. With Knotts Family Agency, if you so wish, you are able to complete the entire process to become a foster or adoptive parent from the comfort of your home. You have the option of completing the pre or post-certification continuing education through our state-of-the-art online training portal. If you need assistance with filling out forms our well-trained representatives are able to come to you. Knotts Family Agency is committed to providing the best support in the region.

For more information about how Knotts Family Agency differs from other organizations please click here for a  Benefits Comparison Table.

Our Mission:

To nurture children and youth.

Our Vision:

Happy parents nurturing children.

Our Values

  • Family: We are family-focused and Resource Parents are partners in ensuring quality care to the children and youth.
  • Integrity: We demonstrate integrity in all our actions. Integrity includes acting with a sense of urgency. Our children, youth, parents, and partners receive the best service possible.
  • Diversity: We will be known for valuing diversity and promoting inclusion, where everyone is treated with utmost respect, and there is no tolerance for discrimination of any kind or for any reason.
  • Excellence: We foster an environment of excellence and personal and professional growth where flexibility, learning and accountability are valued. We implement a robust evaluation system to ensure constant improvement.

Our Promise

At Knotts Family Agency, we love the work that we do. We love working with parents as true partners, and we love the children and youth we care for. We will always provide the best and unparalleled parent support in the area.

Our personnel will be held accountable for modeling the following standards:

  • Our parents and children come first! Our emphasis will be on doing our work in a way that exceeds expectations. Our goal is to go beyond “parent satisfaction”, to achieve Parent Delight.
  • We provide constant support to parents, including training, to equip them to provide the best care for children and youth. We value our parents’ time. If a parent is asked to submit a document that they have already submitted, we will financially compensate the parent for each document.
  • Parents are always respected as valuable partners. Children/youth are carefully assesses prior to placement to ensure that children and foster families are expertly matched. However, parents have the ultimate decision in whether they accept a child or youth in their home. We will not question that decision.
  • In resolving any challenges, parents will be treated honestly and fairly and they will always know that they will receive our support. If for some reason there is a special incident or investigation, we will provide assistance. You are not alone!
  • Parents, children/youth, will always receive prompt and accurate service, with a sense of urgency.
  • Parents will be kept informed of any new policies and procedures and will have sufficient advance notice of new requirements.
  • We will always speak positively and with integrity in regards to our parents and children/youth.
  • We respect the parent’s privacy and confidentiality. Information is only released with a signed authorization from the parent.
  • We will provide ways for the parents to express their concerns and suggestions and we will ensure prompt follow through. We will provide continuous follow up until parents are completely satisfied with our efforts.