Very Important Parent (VIP) Program

Get the Appreciation You Deserve for the Good Deeds You're Doing

At Knotts Family Agency (KFA), you are our Very Important Parent (VIP), so we are always striving to offer Resource Parents (Foster or Adoptive Parents) the best and highest quality support to be found. We continue to reinvent how foster family agencies operate, especially how they treat and relate to resource parents. 

All KFA Resource Parents are eligible to participate in the Very Important Parent (VIP) Program. Parents participating in the Emergency Placement Program or caring for Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) are automatically enrolled. The Very Important Parent (VIP) Program includes specially-tailored services such as:


  1. Concierge Service: If you need assistance with specific errands, accessing a community resource, or even assistance with emergency shopping and house cleaning, our Resource Parents have access to our exclusive concierge service.
  2. Connected Home: Have direct visual connection and communication to the office with your Amazon Echo Show. Resource Parents are eligible to receive assistance with converting their home to a smart home and installing secured cameras in kitchen and family areas. Conditions apply.
  3. Personal Nutrition and DieticianChildren who consume unhealthy foods can have trouble concentrating, become easily fatigued, listless or irritable and are likely to face difficulties in learning, which can lead to behavioral and social problems. At Knotts Family Agency, Resource Parents have access to a nutrition or diet expert who can provide guidance on preparing healthy and delicious food that will not only make you feel better but may also have positive impact on the children’s mental, emotional, physical, and behavioral development.
  4. Health and Fitness Club: Resource Parents with at least 3 months of service may enroll in a local health fitness club or gym and receive assistance with the monthly membership fee. Limits apply.
  5. Massage and Spa: Resource Parents with at least 3 months of service are eligible to be reimbursed for one (1) spa and/or massage service every 6 months. Enjoy a relaxing and re-invigorating facial massage, sauna, full-body massage with hot stones and essential oils, among other services.

At Knotts Family Agency, we focus on Parent Delight: An unabashed and relentless commitment to ensuring that resource parents are happy as they care for children in need. We embrace the fact that Resource Parents are our priority because it is only through well-supported and well-equipped parents that we can ensure that children are in a caring environment, and are not only safe but are thriving and being nurtured. 

Be a part of our growing and innovative parent-centered agency today. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information about becoming a Resource Parent and for information on terms and conditions of the VIP Program.

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