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Streamlining the Foster Care Approval Process: A Guide to Expedite the Approval Process

Reflect on the journey to becoming a resource parent, a path marked by commitment and a desire to make a positive impact on a child’s life. If you are in the process of applying to become a resource parent, you might be wondering how you can expedite the approval process. Timeliness and thoroughness in completing necessary steps can significantly streamline your journey.  This article offers a guide for those embarking on the journey to become a resource parent, focusing on how to expedite the approval process. It recognizes the commitment and dedication involved in deciding to impact a child’s life positively through foster care. The article outlines essential steps and strategies for prospective resource parents to streamline their application process.

The article emphasizes the importance of timeliness and thoroughness in completing various application stages, such as submitting required documents, completing background checks, and fulfilling training requirements. The goal is to provide actionable advice that can help reduce waiting times and facilitate a smoother path to approval, enabling applicants to become resource parents more quickly and start making a meaningful difference in the lives of foster children. Let’s review the key actions you can take to facilitate a smoother and quicker approval process, ensuring you are ready to welcome a child into your home as soon as possible.

Prompt Completion of Application and Background Checks

The first step in expediting your approval process is to complete the application thoroughly and submit it promptly. Ensure that all information is accurate and complete to avoid any delays due to incomplete sections or inaccuracies. Following the application, the LiveScan fingerprinting process for all adults in the household is crucial. It’s important to get this done quickly, as background checks can take time to process. Prompt action on your part helps to avoid unnecessary delays in this initial stage.

In addition to your own background check, if you have an alternative caregiver, ensure that they also complete the fingerprinting process. Having all adults associated with the care of potential foster children cleared by background checks is an essential part of ensuring the safety and suitability of your home for fostering.

Honesty and Transparency in Disclosures

Honesty and transparency are key throughout the application process. Misrepresentation of the truth or failure to disclose critical information can lead to delays and potentially jeopardize your application. If you have had any previous association with another foster agency or have been involved with Children and Family Services or Child Protective Services, it’s essential to disclose this information. Even if you were cared for by a relative like a grandmother in your childhood, your name might be in the Child Welfare Services / Case Management System (CWS/CMS) and this should be addressed upfront.

Completing required trainings and going beyond the minimum requirements can also demonstrate your commitment and preparedness for becoming a resource parent. Completing CPR training and showing evidence of financial stability through pay stubs or tax records are also important steps. These actions not only fulfill necessary criteria but also show your dedication and readiness to provide a safe, stable environment for a foster child.

Gathering Necessary Documentation and References

Collecting and submitting all the required documentation in a timely manner is crucial. This includes providing vehicle inspection reports, proof of pet vaccinations, and homeowner’s insurance. These documents are important to ensure that your home environment is safe and prepared for fostering.

Providing contact information for character references is another important step. Choose individuals who know you well and can vouch for your character and suitability as a resource parent. These references provide valuable insights into your ability to provide a nurturing home for a foster child.

Proactive Approach to Home Inspection and Environment Preparation:

Begin preparing your home for the initial inspection as early as possible. Identify areas that may need modifications or safety enhancements and address them promptly. This proactive approach can significantly reduce the time it takes to get your home ready for fostering.

While there are aspects of the approval process, like court system checks, that are out of your control, focusing on what you can control – such as timely submission of documentation and preparing your home – can expedite the process. The quicker you complete your part, the sooner the agency can work on theirs, even considering potential backlogs in county clearances.


Streamlining the approval process for becoming a resource parent involves a combination of promptness, thoroughness, and honesty. By efficiently completing applications, undergoing necessary background checks, and gathering all required documentation, prospective resource parents can significantly expedite their journey to approval.

Reanalyzing these steps, it’s clear that each action taken by prospective resource parents is integral to building a strong foundation for their application. From ensuring the safety and preparedness of the home environment to demonstrating personal readiness and stability, each step is a building block towards becoming a resource parent. The emphasis on honesty and transparency not only expedites the process but also establishes a relationship of trust with the agency and lays the groundwork for a responsible and caring foster experience.


Becoming a resource parent is a journey that requires attention to detail, prompt action, and a commitment to transparency. By taking these steps, prospective resource parents can smooth the path to approval, ensuring they are ready to provide a loving and supportive home to foster children. For those on the journey to becoming resource parents, remember that Knotts Family Agency is here to guide and support you through this process. We encourage you to take these steps earnestly and reach out to us for any assistance or guidance you may need. Your prompt and thorough action today can lead to a fulfilling experience as a resource parent tomorrow.


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