Beyond the Call of Duty: The Transformative Journey of Foster Care with Knotts Family Agency

In the warm, diverse communities of Rialto, San Bernardino, and Banning, Riverside, two families, the Smiths and the Johnsons, embarked on parallel journeys as resource families. Yet, their paths were marked by distinct experiences shaped by their respective agencies.

The Smiths with Agency X: The Smiths found the approval process with Agency X to be a standard affair. It was a series of checkboxes and paperwork, with minimal personal interaction. The training provided was the bare minimum required by the state, leaving them feeling somewhat prepared but not entirely confident. When they reached out with questions or sought advice, responses from the agency were often delayed, leaving them to rely on their own devices.

Collaboration with their agency social worker was infrequent and formal, needing a sense of partnership. The placement process was equally transactional, with little consideration for the family’s dynamics or the children’s needs. Support for facilitating family visits was a logistical challenge, often burdening the Smiths with coordination efforts.

Financially, the reimbursements from Agency X arrived punctually, but they were strictly within the state’s prescribed rates. While adequate, they didn’t necessarily cover all the nuanced needs of the children. The concept of ‘Parent Delight’ was foreign to Agency X; the Smiths received no gestures of appreciation, such as spa days or concierge services, which might have offered them much-needed respite.

The Johnsons with Knotts Family Agency: In contrast, the Johnsons’ experience with KFA felt personalized from the start. The approval process was interactive, with the agency taking the time to understand their family’s strengths and concerns. The training was extensive and engaging, covering a spectrum of topics that equipped them with the tools to handle complex situations and deeply understand the children’s emotions.

Responsiveness was a highlight of their journey with KFA. Whether it was a late-night concern or a procedural question, the agency responded within minutes, making the Johnsons feel heard and supported. The social workers at KFA worked in tandem with the Johnsons, building a relationship that felt more like a partnership than a mere professional association.

Regarding placements, KFA was meticulous, matching the Johnsons with children whose needs resonated with the family’s capabilities, creating harmonious and nurturing living situations. Support with family visits was comprehensive, with KFA taking the initiative to manage the logistics, allowing the Johnsons to focus on building relationships.

Financial transparency and support were other areas where KFA shone. The Johnsons were pleasantly surprised by the higher reimbursement rates, recognizing the complexity of their foster children’s needs. Moreover, KFA often celebrated their hard work with ‘Parent Delight’ gestures, such as spa vouchers and edible arrangements, acknowledging the emotional and physical investment the Johnsons made into their foster care role.


The divergent paths of the Smiths and Johnsons in their foster care journeys bring to light the profound influence that agency support and resources can have on resource families. Agency X’s approach, while meeting the basic requirements, lacked the depth and warmth that can turn the challenging role of a foster parent into a fulfilling experience. Despite their best intentions and love for their foster children, the Smiths often felt like they were navigating their journey without a compass. The minimal training and delayed communication left them second-guessing their decisions and shouldering the total weight of logistical challenges without the robust support system that could have eased their burden.

Conversely, the Johnsons’ experience with KFA paints a picture of what fostering can be when an agency exceeds the mandated minimums. The Johnsons felt valued and understood as caregivers and integral partners in the mission to provide quality care for children. This partnership manifested in every aspect of the process, from the personalized approval process and the comprehensive, ongoing training to the swift response times and financial transparency. The Johnsons never felt alone; they had a dedicated team that was just as invested in the success and well-being of their foster children as they were.

Moreover, the concept of ‘Parent Delight’ practiced by KFA represents a revolutionary approach in foster care that acknowledges resource parents’ immense emotional and physical dedication. This philosophy not only boosts the morale of foster parents but also has a tangible positive effect on the children in their care. When parents are supported, appreciated, and rejuvenated through gestures like spa days or special treats, they can give their best selves to the children who depend on them. This holistic support system ensures that children receive care from individuals who are not just capable but also content and well-supported.

These stories of two families serve as a poignant reminder of how choosing an FFA can influence the fostering experience. While the Smiths managed with the resources they had, the Johnsons thrived under the comprehensive care and exceptional support of KFA, illustrating that when it comes to foster care, the agency you choose can make all the difference in the world.


The contrasting experiences of the Smiths and the Johnsons highlight a critical message: the quality of support and resources provided by a foster care agency can significantly shape the fostering experience. The Smiths’ story is a testament to the resilience many resource families must muster in the face of limited support, while the Johnsons’ narrative with KFA showcases the empowering impact of comprehensive care and ‘Parent Delight.’ As resource families like the Johnsons continue to thrive with KFA, it becomes increasingly clear that the right agency does not just facilitate foster care — it elevates it, creating an environment where excellence is nurtured. The ultimate beneficiaries are the children who receive the love and care they deserve.


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