groceries for foster families

Groceries for Families: Knotts Parent Delight Package™

Musicians and movie stars are expressing disbelief at how much money they are now spending on groceries. It has been almost one month since many homes have been in self-social isolation and schools have closed. It appears we are snacking more and eating more. This “shutdown” has taken a toll on the food budget.

I hear it all the time: “Foster parents are only in it for the money.” Or, “they get paid, that’s their job”. However, at Knotts Family Agency, we have too much respect and appreciation for our Resource Families, foster and adoptive parents, who give of themselves every day. You open your heart and home and do your best to give the best care possible to children in your home.

We understand that the last few weeks have been enormously difficult for everyone. Children and adults are experiencing something we have never experienced. If musicians and artists are complaining about the cost of food, what is it doing to the budget of us, “regular” people?

That is why the agency has activated the Resource Family Care Team to provide support to Resource Families who may be experiencing significant needs, especially during this COVID-19 outbreak and social distancing or isolation requirements.

Starting in April, the Care Team is identifying at least 12 families each month for the next 3 months, who may have a health challenge or may be experiencing other needs. Each month, we will distribute a “Knotts Parent Delight Package®” to the 12 families, which will consist of grocery items or other needs. We will also provide spiritual and/or mental health connections.

groceries for foster families
groceries for foster families

Photo taken by one of the families showing part of their Knotts Parent Delight Package®

We are already receiving text messages of families who have received their gift of support. Although we will select 12 families each month, if you are a family or know of a Resource Family in significant need, who did not receive a Parent Delight Package, please let us know. You may send a text message for consideration, at the Director’s Parent Line.

We want to make sure that every Resource Family knows that we are here to help support them through times of uncertainty. Knotts Family Agency, a premier and leading foster care and adoptions agency, remains committed to the highest quality support to children and our unwavering pledge to ensuring Parent Delight™. Thank you for being awesome parents!

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